About Us

We're here to remove the
mystery from cloth diapers:

to show parents how much better cloth is for your baby
and make it easy by doing all of the dirty work.

Mother and baby in all in one cloth diapers with woman

Gone are the days of diaper pins and rubber pants (thank goodness). We're here to share with the world that modern
cloth diapers are easy - velcro, snaps, and cute patterns

We love working with families
and giving them the gifts
of time and peace of mind.

You won't need to research diaper
types or laundry routines. We come
to your house, show you how
everything works, provide all the
supplies and magically clean those
dirty diapers for you!

It all started when...

Tinkle Belle Diaper Service founder, Jessica, was introduced to cloth diapers by
a friend who was using them on her baby. From there, she discovered how easy,
adorable and affordable modern day cloth diapers were. Upon learning that
they use 2.3x less water than disposables, don't contain the toxic chemicals
that disposables do, don't fill our landfills AND help babies potty train sooner,
she couldn't wait to share that information with the world.

After said friend went back to work full time, she discovered she couldn't keep up
with the diaper laundry. Her friend lamented, "if only there were a service, I could
still offer my baby the best without sacrificing valuable time with my family."

From there, Jessica's mission to educate and help families was born.

After endless research into laundry science and environmental sustainability,
Tinkle Belle is proud to offer easy and affordable cloth diaper services that
support our amazing families during this special time. We take the mystery
out of cloth and make it as easy as possible for you to do this for your babies.

Meet our team.

Jessica Baggarly

Jessica started Tinkle Belle Diaper Service in 2015 & is so grateful to have a team that is as passionate about the work as she is! She is excited for the opportunity to grow a business dedicated to serving our local families, improving the health of our babies and protecting our environment. In her spare time, she can be found exploring with her husband and pup.

Kaelynn Stiles​

Kaelynn cloth diapered her little one & LOVES working with families and babies. In addition to working with us, she is also currently in school studying Computer Engineering and loves traveling to new places. ​

Shannon Atkinson

Shannon is a busy mom to 6 kids who has a passion for all things having to do with nature. Working with children and families is her favorite part of working at Tinkle Belle.

Win Smith

Say “Hi” to Win, our new driver. Win’s goal is to pick-up and deliver your order safely, reliably and on-time. Having worked in stress-filled government jobs for 40-years, he loves the opportunity to cruise throughout our scenic Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties delivering your orders. When he's not driving, you will often find him riding those same roads on his motorcycle or working in his garden.

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