Paper Diaper Service

Waste To Energy

We collect your baby’s soiled diapers and convert them to energy! It’s an innovative way to divert trash from ever entering landfills. How does it work?

We pick up your soiled diapers and partner with another company to haul them to a processing center in Los Angeles. In less than 1 hour, the waste-to-energy program eliminates soiled diapers, controls emissions, and in the process recovers energy. This process can produce enough energy to power your home for two weeks!

Better for your baby
Better for the earth

We offer one of the most eco-friendly single-use diapers currently on the market! Our diapers are free of chlorine, latex, alcohol, lotions, TBT & Phthalates. They’re unprinted, unscented, soft to the touch, yet extremely durable & absorbent.

Though it is certified compostable, there is no composting option available in our area, so all composting diapers continue to sit in our landfills. That’s why we are so excited to finally have a better solution! We offer sizing swap, local service & we deliver in zero plastic.

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