Thinking About Naming 2020:
"The Year No One Liked"?!

In the beginning, it was hard to comprehend the term “pandemic” and all that it implied. We never thought we would be living through such an impactful era. Many of us had to change our work habits or business schedules, for better or for worse.

It was mid March when we found out that this pandemic was not something we would avoid. We started worrying about how COVID would impact our business, or if we could continue business at all. We hoped that diaper delivery services would be considered “essential,” since babies constantly need new diapers. We couldn’t imagine any of our clients frantically searching for diapers the way people did with toilet paper!

Contrary to the mass closing of businesses globally, our diaper delivery service managed to continue uninterrupted. It was stressful learning how to safely work with our clients and staff while also keeping up with the orders. However, we adapted quickly. We were lucky to have already incorporated the highest standard of sanitation to process our diapers. Other worries started to arise: clients losing their jobs, us or our families getting sick, and uncertainty in the economy.

There were grey days full of fears and doubts, but there were also days when we have a zoom class full of families eager to learn about cloth diapers! They show up after a day of work and dealing with the last stages of pregnancy, which can be exhausting! But there they were, many with their partners present, ready to make a change in this world by using cloth diapers!

There have been ups and downs, but we still have hope. There is no hating 2020 in our hearts. When we have hard times managing feelings, fears, questions and anxiety, we just remember our team, family, amazing staff and all our incredible clients. We are not alone. We are balancing a lot – pandemic, family life and work all together, but we’re still loving it!

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