Sustainable Gift Giving 🎁

It’s that time of the year when unnecessary, persistent ads pop up on our screens, inviting us to buy useless items we’ll never need.

But here we are, in a capitalistic world filling our lives with . . . stuff.

With that said, there is nothing wrong with giving a physical gift and being mindful about what to give and why it’s a nice practice.


If there is one thing to have learned during this pandemic, it is that more intangible things are what get appreciated the most: sleep, a fulfilling job, family dinners (at home of course!) and health.

So when it comes to this gift giving season, we want to honor this unprecedented year with what more and more people are choosing as well: Sustainable gift giving.


  • Giving love

The significance of giving gifts is the love or care for the person we are giving the gift to. For example, kids are happily content playing with someone that loves their company. Presence is just as important, if not more important, than presents. 

  • Giving Back to Mother Earth

The world that provides beautiful sunrises and sunsets, gives us drinking water, and the opportunity to coexist with a diverse group of species, is undergoing global warming. Climate change is caused by human activity and natural phenomena and we can help.

Nowadays we have choices to support different organizations that work on the regeneration of our soils for healthy and sustainable food production, preserving species, and renewable energy.

You can also support business that provides goods and services on a sustainable basis, like our cloth diaper and delivery service!

  • Giving to our Local Community

If you are looking to buy tangible gifts, how about getting it from a local business?!

When you support local businesses, it contributes to your community by: providing local jobs, getting goods and services from other businesses, and by enriching our town, culture, and lives.


Wondering what to give to that precious baby you know and their lovely parents? How about a diaper service! Clean reusable diapers delivered weekly. Oh my! You are giving love, giving back to Mother Earth by choosing the most sustainable diapering option and giving back to the community by using a local delivery service like Tinkle Belle Diaper Service.

                                                   Happy Giving!

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