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We Take The Mystery & Work Out Of Cloth Diapering

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Diaper Service
Let us clean those dirty diapers!

Packages to fit your Needs & your Budget

1. We show you how it works
2. We bring you all the supplies
3. We bring you fresh diapers each week!

Check out a demo to see the differences between our diapers here -


Santa Barbara Tinkle Belle Diaper Service
Santa Barbara Tinkle Belle Diaper Service
Santa Barbara Tinkle Belle Diaper Service
Santa Barbara Tinkle Belle Diaper Service
Tried & True Prefold Diaper Service Best of Both Worlds Combo Service Fancy Pants All In One Diaper Service

Cloth Wipe Service

These are the most economical and basic cloth diaper.

Can't decide? Or do you just like keeping all of your options open? Try both types of diapers! Great for middle of the night diaper changes, babysitters & daycare Save money and create even less waste by using cloth wipes

Prefold diapers are the best! A piece of pure, soft cotton fabric goes against baby's skin and a waterproof cover is placed over it. The prefold can be fastened with a Snappi, as shown. Diaper covers can be used multiple times before they need to be washed. This is a modern twist of a product that has withstood the test of time.

Just imagine - use prefolds for home, use All-in-One's on the go or for babysitters Easy Peasy! This is the simplest cloth diaper system. The diaper is permanently sewn together in one piece - you literally put it on and take it off just like a disposable diaper. The only difference is that it goes right into your laundry!

These can be thrown right into the diaper pail with the rest of your diapers. We’ll bring you a fresh, clean supply every week.

Includes as many Prefold diapers as you need!

Includes as many diapers as you need! (max of 35 AIOs, unlimited prefolds) Includes 80 All-In-One diapers Includes 80 cloth wipes

You will need - 5-7 diaper covers (options to rent or buy) & Snappi diaper fasteners

You will need 5 diaper covers & Snappi diaper fasteners You won't need a darn thing. No additional supplies are necessary for these diapers! No additional supplies necessary. We recommend a wipe bag and solution set.
$30/week $50/week $60/week $5/week
$35 Start-Up Kit $50 Start-Up Kit $75 Start-Up Kit N/A

Diaper Service

We Also Offer 

  • Discounted Service for Multiples 
  • Stripping Services (see our FAQs)

Retail Supplies

We've got all the supplies you need, including diaper coversSnappi diaper fasteners, wipe solution and cloth diaper safe balm available in our shop!