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Nighttime Diapering & Wool

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Cloth diapering overnight can seem overwhelming, but it does not have to be brain surgery! Once your baby starts to sleep for longer periods, you may need to add some extra absorbency.

There are SO many options for cloth diapering overnight. We’ll review the most common ones that we suggest in combination with the products that we offer in our services.

First and foremost, you can always take an extra prefold and trifold it outside of the prefold that baby is wearing. Double diapering adds a lot of absorbency – and a lot of fluff to the butt!

You can also use something called a doubler, which looks like a cloth pad. Those should be placed outside of the prefold or in between the layers of the All In One diaper. These are very absorbent and pull the moisture away from baby, so you don’t want to place these next to their skin. We will add up to 7 doublers to your order each week, complementary with your service.

Another option that we like for nighttime are fitted diapers. These are super absorbent. Please note, fitteds do still require a cover. If you have a super heavy wetter, you can also add a doubler outside of the fitted or trifold a prefold outside of the fitted. We will add up to 7 fitteds to your order for $2.50/week, or 7 doublers that are complimentary with your service.

As you can see here, there are many options – you just need to figure out which recipe works for your family.

Last but certainly not least is wool! This is one of my favorite options. Wool covers are absorbent AND breathable! They are added over the cloth diaper & magically the moisture dissipates! Wool does require a special washing routine. It’s simple & only needs to be done once every couple of weeks. We have a list of recommended wool products here. This video explains your options and how to care for your wool.

As always, we encourage our parents to reach out to us for support & suggestions for nighttime diapering. We are here for you!

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