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Santa Barbara Earth Day Festival

Santa Barbara Earth Day Festival Logo

Alameda Park
Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Santa Barbara Earth Day Festival began in 1970 as Community Environmental Council's first opportunity to educate the public about dirty energy fossil fuels, inspire our community to find solutions, and take action at the grass roots level. Now, 47 years later, the need for community activism to protect our environment is greater than ever.

Santa Barbara’s Historic Environmental Legacy

Santa Barbara Earth Day Festival Big Logo

In 1969, the devastating images of a massive oil spill from an oil platform off Santa Barbara’s coast galvanized California into action and caught the attention of the rest of the nation, including Senator Gaylord Nelson, founder of Earth Day, who visited Santa Barbara shortly after the spill. The resulting swell of outrage and concern gave rise to the first Earth Day in 1970, as well as to the creation of the Community Environmental Council – one of the most established environmental organizations in the region, and the host of Santa Barbara’s annual Earth Day Festival.

Today, the Community Environmental Council (CEC) pioneers real life solutions in areas with the most impact on climate change. Our programs provide pathways to clean vehicles, solar energy, resilient food systems and reduction of single-use plastic.

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