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Visit our Diaper Services page for quick access to more details about each diaper service option.

Diaper Cover Rental

Worry about one less thing with this customizable service. It’s also a great way to test different brands, get you through the newborn stage & see if you prefer the velcro or snap closure.

$1 / cover / week

Cloth Wipes Service

These can be thrown right in the diaper pail with the rest of your diapers. We'll bring you a fresh, clean supply every week.

Includes up to 120 Cloth Wipes - $7.50 / week

Includes up to 80 Cloth Wipes - $5.00 / week

Includes up to 40 Cloth Wipes - $2.50 / week

Stripping Service

If you wash your own cloth diapers at home & develop a build-up or smell, we can help! Our Stripping Services will reset your diapers and get rid of that buildup.

* Note: Your diapers will be out of service for at least a week. We can provide you with diaper services during that time.

$20 includes pick-up, delivery & 1st 2 lbs,
$4/lb. thereafter

Reoccuring Organic Diaper Balm & Moisturizer

Organic Diaper Balm & Moisturizer delivered every 6 weeks

$14.99 / month

Reoccurring Citrus Circle Pail Deodorizer

Citrus Circle Pail Deodorizer every 4 weeks

$2 / month

Reoccurring Esembly Pail Deodorant

Esembly Pail Deodorant every 6 weeks

$9 / month

Not sure yet? We can provide recommendations during your in-home appointment.

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