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Frequently Asked Questions

We're here to demystify cloth diapers, one Q&A at a time with our most commonly
asked questions, all listed below. If you still have any questions that haven't been covered,
call us at 805-448-4312 or email us at hello@tinklebellediaperservice.com.


When should we sign up?

As soon as you decide to use our service! The majority of our families choose to get set up pre-birth, but you can start service at any time and age. We generally aim to have our virtual personalized training session at least 3 weeks prior to your "due date" & then drop your supplies 2 weeks in advance. That way you have everything you need when baby comes!

We are ready when you are! Sign up by submitting your info here. We will follow up with dates.

How does it work?

1. You submit your info & we set up a virtual demo.
2. You tell us when your baby arrives.
3. We come by each week with fresh, clean diapers and take away your dirty diapers!

What will we need?

We carry everything that you might need and will bring it to you, so don't worry about doing any homework!

Here is a list of items you may want:
Cloth Diaper Safe Ointment — Please make sure that the diaper balm that you use is on our pre-approved list. Safe for cloth and your baby!
Wet Bag — What to do with that dirty cloth diaper in public? Put it in your wet bag! These waterproof bags are super handy and super cute. Babies tend to be wet, so these often come in handy for much more than just diapers!
Snappi Diaper Fasteners— Modern day diaper fasteners for those use prefolds! These are optional, but handy.
Diaper Covers — You will use these with prefold diapers. You can rent them from us or purchase and wash your own. Covers come in 2 sizes - newborn and one-size.

Help! We don't know which type of diapers we want to use.

This video will give you a quick demo of both types of diapers. Pricing can be found here. You can also make this decision during your set-up session.


What does the service include?

*Personalized one-on-one training session with our cloth diapering experts
*Supplies: diaper pail, clean pail liner delivered every week with fresh diapers!
*Support and Customer Service
*One stop shopping - We have everything you need to successfully cloth diaper, delivered free with your diaper delivery!

How many diapers do we get?

Your initial drop off will include 80 diapers (& 80 cloth wipes, if you ordered those), as will your 2nd drop off. From that point on, we will count the numbers of diapers that we pick up & deliver that number the following week.

You will always keep any leftover clean supplies at home. That way you have something to fall back on, just in case!

What if we need more diapers?

Just let us know! The Tried & True Prefold Service and Best of Both Worlds Service both include an unlimited number of prefolds. There is a small fee for additional Fancy Pants diapers.

How do the wipes work?

Go completely waste free & use cloth wipes as well! Add them on to your diaper service & throw them in the diaper pail along with your diapers.

We give you our tips, tricks & accessory suggestions to make it as easy as possible. Check out this video with our tips & tricks!

We already have our own diapers. Can we use those with your service?

In order to be energy & resource efficient, we combine all of our diapers together to be washed. We would not be able to track your diapers separate from ours.

Do we get the same diapers back each week?

We wash the diapers in large batches for better efficiency & less water usage, so we cannot ensure that you receive the same diapers back each week. We hand sort each diaper for quality prior to packing your clean bag of fresh diapers!

Can we use cloth as soon as our baby is born?

Yes! We usually drop off diapers pre-delivery, so they are ready as soon as your baby arrives. Meconium is not an issue for us. We will teach you how to fold around the umbilical cord area.


Is there special pricing for multiples?

Absolutely! We love servicing families of multiple children. We can provide service to your 2nd child for $10 off of the weekly fee. That's almost 1/3 off the weekly cost for prefold service!

Do you offer stripping service?

We do! Save some headache & let us do this deep cleaning for you. This service includes home pick-up & delivery of your supplies. $25 includes the 1st 2 lbs. Additional weight is charged at a rate of $2/lb. Please note that your diapers will be out of service for 7-14 days. We can provide you with diaper service during that time. More info here.


Can we make changes?

YES! You can change the type of diaper, quantity, size, etc. We will customize your service so that it works best for you! Please give us 48 hours notice to make changes in time for your next delivery.

Is there a minimum service period?

The minimum service period is 12 weeks. 

Can we cancel at any time?

Yes, after your initial 12 weeks of service, you may cancel at any time. Your final pick-up will be calculated either by the date you are paid through or two weeks notice from your next delivery date.


How do I add diaper service to my registry?

Gift certificates for diaper service are the gift that keeps on giving! Add them to your registry so that your friends & family can support you at whatever level is comfortable for them. Gift certificates may be used towards goods and services.

We also have start-up packages in our Shop.

My parents/grandparents/friends want to gift us ongoing service.

Great! That's very common. We will work with them regarding payment details.


How are the diapers cleaned?

Our diapers are all washed together for the most water & energy efficient process. Our industrial machines have high rates of heat & friction, 2 of the necessary ingredients to ensure a sanitized product. We use the gentlest detergent option possible, while still guaranteeing that the diapers are sanitized. Diapers from each load are tested for traces of detergents, to ensure that no soap or residue remains. We also test the pH levels to ensure they match that of your baby.

Will we need to rinse or soak the diapers?

No! Once your baby is on solids, you may choose to shake any solids from the diaper into the toilet. We are realists though, and know often poo isn't ploppable! This is 100% your choice, as it may help keep your diaper pail smelling a bit fresher! Otherwise, everything can go into the pail. We use commercial machines, which have higher measures of heat & friction, so they can handle a lot more than a home machine could. No rinsing, soaking or scraping is required.


What about the water?

Cloth diapers are actually 2.3 times more water efficient than throwaway diapers! Think of all the energy and resources that it takes to create, distribute and dispose of just one short-lived throwaway diaper.


We are coming to your area for vacation. Can we use cloth while we vacation on the Central Coast?

Yes! We will work with you to help you to continue cloth diapering while you are away from home.

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