Customer Spotlight: The Rutherford Family

Meet the Rutherford Family! This adventurous family is not afraid to cloth diaper on the go. We’re honored to have partnered with them for over 3 years now. They’re a special part of the Tinkle Belle Family! 

Tell us a little about your family!

Hello! We are the Rutherford family! I’m Shermin, my husband Erik, our two beautiful girls, Regan and Simone, and our sweet dog Sahara. We live in San Luis Obispo. I’m a Physician Assistant at a busy Urology practice in town and Erik is an engineer at a local engineering firm, Wallace Group. Regan is our three and a half year old and Simone is our 14 month old.

Tell us about your little one wearing cloth diapers!

Regan was the first in our family to wear cloth diapers and was potty trained and out of cloth at 2. Simone is continuing to carry the cloth diaper torch. She is just learning how to walk but has been super active and a super fast crawler since she was 10 months! She climbs almost anything and tries to do what ever big sister Regan is doing.

What do you like about being a part of the Tinkle Belle Family?

We love the personalized attention we get and the fast response to any question we may have. Starting out with Regan, we knew very little about cloth diapers, but Jessica showed up to our house with her stuffed bears and cloth diapers and walked us through it. We especially enjoy supporting Tinkle Belle’s mission of reducing landfill waste and also supporting a local small business.

What are your favorite activities to do as a family?

We love to go hiking in Irish hills and walk to the creek. It’s flowing pretty good right now and Sahara loves to splash and play in the water. We put Simone in our backpack and pack a few cloth diapers for the outing and off we go! Regan is our trail leader and loves to collect flowers for her bouquet when we’re on the trail. Regan is also great at throwing a frisbee and she gets plenty of practice throwing it for Sahara, who is a savant at catching it in mid air.

Thank you, Rutherford Family, for taking the road less traveled and caring for our planet by cloth diapering. We can’t wait to see how Regan and Simone continue to grow along with their best buddy, Sahara!

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