Customer Spotlight: The Fujii Kriege Family

Meet the Fujii Kriege Family, a wonderful addition to our Tinkle Belle family! With two little explorers on their hands, they’ve embraced sustainable living by choosing to cloth diaper. Stay tuned as we shine a spotlight on this family!

The Fukii Kriege Family pictured in a field of yellow flowers.

Tell us a little about your family!

We’ve lived in SLO together now for almost 15 years. In the last few years, like many people, we both now work from home. Joe, Mariko, Yoshimi, Hero and our 3 cats, Blitz, Oni, and Yuki.

Tell us about your little one wearing cloth diapers!

Yoshimi wore her Tinkle Belle cloth diapers from birth in July 2020 until just recently graduating to underwear! Hero has been in cloth also since birth in June 2022. She is a happy, curious, and friendly baby. She just learned to wave hello!

Baby Hero laying on the ground eating a book and wearing a red cloth diaper.

What do you like about being a part of the Tinkle Belle Family?

Saving all those diapers from the landfill! Being eco friendly. Love your great customer service. Supporting a great local company.

What are your favorite activities to do as a family?

We love hiking and camping. Cooking and enjoying great meals together.

Baby Hero sitting on crib.

Thank you to The Fujii Kriege Family for sharing about your experience with cloth diapers! Their commitment to using our cloth diaper service not only speaks volumes about their dedication to sustainability but also reflects a growing community of conscious parents striving for a brighter future. Every diaper change is a step towards a cleaner planet for the next generation. Cheers to the Fujii Kriege Family and all our amazing customers who continue to make a difference, one diaper at a time!

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