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We Take The Mystery & Work Out Of Cloth Diapering

Serving CA's Central Coast

About Us

About Us

Tinkle Belle has been servicing the amazing families of CA's Central Coast since Earth Day 2015.

We're here to remove the mystery from cloth diapers - we want everyone to know - cloth is great! These diapers are all velcro, snaps & cute patterns, gone are the days of diaper pins and rubber pants . . . thank goodness! 
We take it a step further, though - you won't need to research diaper types or laundry routines. We come to your house, show you how everything works, provide all the supplies & magically clean those diapers for you! No, you do not need to dunk them in the toilet.
Need a new size? Done. Need more ointment? Done. We like to think our customer service is on point!
So, here we are - showing parents how much better cloth is for your baby & making it easy by doing all of the dirty work! We love working with families, giving them the gifts of time and peace of mind.
We service CA’s Central Coast - from SB to SLO + then some. 

How We Got Started

About Us
Time for better options!
Hi, I'm Jessica, the proud owner of Tinkle Belle Diaper Service. How did we end up here, you ask? The answer is simple - once upon a time, I had a crazy friend who put a cloth diaper on her baby. 
My mind was blown. Modern day cloth diapers are EASY, ADORABLE AND AFFORDABLE!
When I discovered that they use 2.3x less water than disposables, don’t contain the toxic chemicals that disposables do, don’t fill our landfills AND help your baby potty train sooner, I could not wait to share the info.
After said friend went back to work full time, she discovered she couldn't keep up with the diaper laundry. If only there was a service - she could still offer her baby the best without sacrificing her valuable time with her family. . .
My mission to educate and help families was born. We love supporting our amazing families during this special time in their lives, taking the mystery out of cloth and making it as easy as possible to do this for their babies. After much research and laundry science, here we are!
About Us
Tinkle Belle baby in Fancy Pants diaper


Kaelynn cloth diapered her little one & LOVES working with families and babies. In addition to working with us, she is also currently in school studying Computer Engineering, She's a busy lady!

About Us
Kaelynn & her cloth diaper baby

    Owner, Jessica Baggarly

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    What Clients are Saying

    We choose cloth diapers for our family because they are simple to use, low environmental impact, healthier for baby's skin, and more cost effective.
    Emily Kuhn