5 Tips for to Throw a Low-Waste Baby Shower

It’s time to party – Low Waste Style! If you or the individual you’re throwing the shower for is considering cloth diapering, then chances are they would appreciate a party that reduces waste. In fact, a low-waste shower may be a very meaningful gift to the soon-to-be parents. To help you out, we’ve collected some quick tips that make throwing a low-waste shower easy! A plus to this path is that you’ll low waste options help minimize costs so you can really focus on spoiling mama and baby.

  1. Send digital invitations.
  2. Turn gifts into decorations and wrapping paper.
  3. Reuse decorations from another shower.
  4. Choose regular dishware not single-use paper & plastic.
  5. Opt for reusable NOT biodegradable.

#1 Send digital invitations.

Skip the envelopes, paper & stamps. Send e-vites! There are tons of tools and sites that allow you to design and send cute invitations through email or text. You’ll save time, get answers faster, and can seamlessly send updates and reminders.

#2 Turn gifts into decorations and wrapping paper.

This tip allows you to unleash your creativity! Make centerpieces and table decor from gifts. You can recruit party-goers to “adopt” a table. Put onesies on T-frames, add a book, stuffed animal, or pacifier and prepare for cuteness overload. Take it to the next level by matching the party or nursey theme. You can also give each table a theme, such as bath time, naptime, going outside, or mommy self-care.

Likewise, you can reduce wrapping and tissue paper by getting creative with gifts as well. Use baby blankets, scarves or burp rags to wrap gifts instead. On the other hand, you could package and display gifts in a basket, baby tub, or laundry basket.. This is an adorable way to give gifts without producing waste


#3 Reuse decorations from another shower.

You don’t have to buy new decorations for every shower! If your family or community is anticipating multiple babies in the coming years then choose neutral banners, boxes, and table signs that can be accented differently for each baby shower. Add other elements like flowers, plants, and pictures to match it to a new theme each time.

#4 Choose regular dishware not single-use paper & plastic.

If possible, choose your regular dishes over single-use paper and plastic. This may increase your clean-up time, but wow, you’ll reduce A LOT of waste. You could even thrift shop for unique dishware to make it special. Before the party, recruit a few people to help wash and dry dishes when it’s over. Many hands make for light work, and you’ll all enjoy spending time together!

#5 Opt for reusable not "biodegradable".

Don’t be deceived into spending tons of money on “compostable” or “biodegradable” balloons, plasticware or decor. If you plan on simply throwing that stuff away at the end of the party, it might as well be made of normal plastic. The process of breaking down these single-use products is complex and very rarely do they make it to a place where they can degrade properly. In the end it is still just waste going to a landfill. Choose reusable products to truly reduce your footprint.

Throwing a low-waste baby shower can be a thoughtful and eco-friendly way to celebrate the arrival of a little one. Moreover, if cloth diapering is on the radar for the parents-to-be, considering a cloth diaper service as a sustainable gift can be an excellent addition to the party. Have fun celebrating the upcoming arrival of your little one! Every small step towards sustainability counts.

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